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ezPRF, DermaSculpt, MesoMedica

Atrautamic Filler Injections

Unanimously known around the world for its perfect balance between flexibility, rigidity & product flow, DermaSculpt is the #1 Blunt-tip Micro-cannula for atraumatic filler injections.


Trusted since 2004

MesoMedica line has grown to become one of the leading aesthetic mesotherapy brands on the market, now trusted by thousands of medical practitioners worldwide.


The ultimate blood concentrate

An evolution from PRP, the ezPRF tubes are additive free, 100% natural and are centrifuged at a much more gentle G-Force, resulting in more platelets and leukocytes.


The autologous bio-stimulating gel

By heating up Plasma, particularly HSA, we're modifying its rheological properties. Temperature variation is the most natural way to create an intermolecular bond, without using any additives such as BDDE for cross linking.



Dr. Luc Dewandre

The world of medical aesthetics is evolving so fast nowadays that it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between the game-changing innovations that will be here to stay and the products that are just surfing on a trend and that are not bringing any real benefits to doctors and their patients.

Aesthetic Experts Laboratory’s core mission is to develop & market the most innovative products and to focus on introducing only clinically-proven techniques to medical & surgical practitioners

My 40+ years’ experience in the field coupled with the expertise of our great international team puts us in the ideal position to understand this ever-changing & complex field that we are in. You can trust our expertise when it gets to developing truly innovative medical aesthetics products that have proven to be efficient in the long term.

Our goal & ambition is to give our distributors the right training needed to help them safely & efficiently use these new techniques & to deliver the most innovative products available today to their customers.

Luc Dewandre, MD
President & Medical Director